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To get in touch with our Workers' Compensation team, please utilize the form provided below. We welcome your questions, requests, comments, complaints, and suggestions, as your feedback is of utmost importance to us. Sharing your experience, whether positive or negative, allows us to gain valuable insights into your needs and preferences.

Please note that messages submitted through this form are carefully reviewed and addressed by our OCSF Workers' Compensation team. However, if you have an emergency question, we kindly request that you refrain from using this form and instead call us directly at (800) 556-7846 for an immediate response.

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With a strong reputation as one of the nation's leading providers in workers' compensation treatment, we specialize in handling complex cases. At the Orthopaedic Center of South Florida, our physicians are highly trained and experienced in treating a wide range of workers' compensation injuries. Our primary goal is to facilitate a speedy recovery and help employees return to work as quickly as possible.


At the Orthopaedic Center of South Florida, our dedicated physicians take great pride in their ability to help injured workers regain their well-being and return to their jobs. We understand the importance of providing quality care at every step of the recovery process, supporting individuals in their rehabilitation journey and facilitating a safe and timely return to work.

In line with our commitment to effective communication and legal compliance, our physicians have received specialized training in workers' compensation report writing. This expertise ensures that our written communications adhere to all accepted legal standards, enabling us to provide clear and comprehensive documentation. We strive to facilitate effective communication among all parties involved and meet the necessary legal requirements with precision and accuracy.

Our unwavering dedication to excellence in workers' compensation care has been recognized. In 2022, the Orthopaedic Center of South Florida was honored as one of the top doctors in workers' compensation, a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional care. This recognition has fueled our drive for continuous improvement and has inspired us to set even higher standards.

We are honored to share that we have once again been nominated for the same prestigious honor in 2023. This nomination serves as a reaffirmation of our position as a leading practice within the industry, reinforcing our commitment to upholding the highest standards of quality and service. We are motivated to continue delivering outstanding care and supporting injured workers in their journey towards recovery and returning to their jobs.

At the Orthopaedic Center of South Florida, we remain dedicated to providing exceptional care, promoting effective communication, and ensuring the successful rehabilitation and return to work for injured workers.

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At the Orthopaedic Center of South Florida, we prioritize clear and open communication. Our team of orthopedic doctors and staff possesses extensive experience in treating work-related illnesses and injuries covered under workers' compensation. We are well-versed in the unique challenges presented by industrial injuries, workplace accidents, and related conditions.

We recognize the importance of early diagnosis and treatment for musculoskeletal injuries in facilitating a prompt return to work. By minimizing medical costs and reducing time lost from work, we aim to expedite the recovery process. Our workers' compensation orthopedic doctors and surgeons provide exceptional medical care to injured workers, while simultaneously keeping employers and insurance carriers fully informed about the patient's treatment plan, progress, and overall status.

We understand the intricacies of the relationships between employers, insurance carriers, claims administrators, nurse case managers, adjusters, and employees. We are dedicated to promptly addressing the needs of your injured worker, offering effective solutions. Our team of workers' comp orthopedic doctors and staff provide expert patient care, ensuring comprehensive support throughout the treatment process.


Thank you for considering the Orthopaedic Center of South Florida for the care of your injured employee. We greatly appreciate your confidence in our physicians and staff to deliver the highest level of orthopaedic care.

To enhance communication and streamline the referral process, we have implemented an online referral form. This form allows for efficient management and tracking of your referral to our practice. Once you have completed the form, ensuring all required information is provided, you will receive a confirmation of your referral submission. Within 24 hours of receiving the referral, our team at the Orthopaedic Center of South Florida will promptly reach out to your group and the injured employee to finalize the referral process and schedule a convenient appointment.

We have also compiled important forms on this page that are vital for us to better serve your practice and the injured employee. We hope you find these resources useful. If you have any questions or comments regarding the page or the forms provided, please don't hesitate to contact our dedicated workers' compensation liaison at

Thank you once again for entrusting the Orthopaedic Center of South Florida with the care of your injured employee. We are committed to ensuring a seamless referral process and providing the exceptional orthopaedic care that your employee deserves.

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